Welcome to Multiplayer Security Blog

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out the blog! Currently we’re a work in progress, we all kind of suck at site design so we’re working with free themes!

So, on to what we’re about. We struggled with coming up with a name to encompass what we’re trying to do, but essentially this will be a nerd blog with a heavy helping of security (infosec, hacking, etc) topics. We all either work in security and are huge nerds, or work in some other industry and are huge nerds. The goal is to just get everyone collaborating and writing, even if the name doesn’t fully make sense for what we’re doing. (who the hell mashes up security topics and nerd topics?) The theme is multiplayer, thus the name. We’ll have some co-op opinion pieces and versus opinion pieces along side of reviews, technical how-to’s and whatever else we feel like writing. The goal of this isn’t to generate a ton of traffic, or get rich blogging, it’s to get us all together, motivate everyone to write and have a creative outlet.

If you’d like to write for us, I’ll have an official email soon that you can hit up.

Very soon we’ll have a podcast and possibly a let’s play channel.


Jeff is a pentester at a fairly large company! In his spare time, he loves playing video games, watching movies, reading comics and brewing his own beer! Jeff also needs to learn how to write better bios!

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