2017 AND BEYOND!!!!!1

I hate New Year’s Resolutions, I really, really do. “Why not start your goals at any point?! You don’t have to wait for an arbitrary day!” says me. But here we are. One thing I realized as I got older is that the world is cyclical and having touchpoints where you examine what you’re doing and how you can improve are good. Normal productive people have these touchpoints weekly or monthly, but we’re not normal here.

So what does that mean for this blog? Well I’m tired of letting this sit here, my goal in creating this blog was to gather a few folks together and do things, but waiting for people to find time or commit to doing something hasn’t worked. My approach to fix this is pretty easy: if you build it they will come. I’m not blaming anyone here besides myself.

One of my 2017 goals is that I’d like to publish a blog post twice a month. I want/need to get better at writing and I like having an outlet for my research/creativity. Kind of like how you are more successful at losing weight when you both diet and exercise when consuming the proper amount of calories is what actually does it.

This blog is meant to be a hybrid blog of mine and my friend’s interests, hacking, gaming, movies, TV and whatever else feel like writing about. So while technical content is a thing that I’ll be doing, right now while I get back into the groove of researching and developing we’re going to focus on other things. The next post for this month is going to be about productivity and organizing how you work as a pentester. I feel like this isn’t a topic that is much discussed and I’ve learned a handful of things over the last year that have really help me be a better pentester. I’m going to be looking at different open source documentation tools as well while I work and adding my impressions from that.

Another goal in 2017 is to do a monthly podcast, which will be a reflection of this blog, but in a more casual, off the cuff version of it. This may be another build it and they will come type of situation, but hey it works out. We actually recorded one episode, but we waited too long to publish it and it was no longer relevant.  I have been experimenting with sort of a Let’s Play version of doing vulnerable VMs, but my charisma is super lacking! I call them “Let’s Hack”, which is super creative, I know. These sort of things are going to kind of be more random in scheduling as I find time or get a bug up my ass.

Lastly, there have been technical problems with this blog. I’m in a territory where I haven’t been in a long time and I’ve been lazy. If you’ve attempted to read this blog and have been met with database errors, don’t worry, it’s on my list of things to fix this month. I’d also like to get a better design up for this as well, I’m not well versed in blog design, but I know a few folks who may be willing to help.

2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year, so here’s to a better 2017.




Jeff is a pentester at a fairly large company! In his spare time, he loves playing video games, watching movies, reading comics and brewing his own beer! Jeff also needs to learn how to write better bios!

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